Crappy stupid uni written thing.

    I started unicycling in September of 2001. I learned to ride gripping onto a fence on my freinds 20" cyclepro unicycle. It took me about 2 days before I could ride like 20-30 feet. Then on the third day I got it. After about a week of riding I could go forever. Soon I was riding everywhere. In October I bought my first unicycle, a 24" torker. When the unicycle arrived I began to put it together. When I was screwing in the main caps, I heard a loud crack. I froze. It thought I had broke my brand new unicycle. I cursed a whole bunch and then realized I had only broken the screw. So I cursed A whole bunch more. The I went to the hardware store a bought a new slightly stronger screw for like 25 cents.
     I put a fat tire on my unicycle and  rode with it off-road and learned to jump on it. In January 2002, My friend Ben Plotkin-Swing Bought a Kris holm unicycle. So I bought his 26 inch Power Pashley for $250. I use the pashley for muni and trials.
     At the moment I am waiting for my brand new unicycle. The KH 20 inch trials cycle. OH MAN I CANT WAIT. WHY ISNT IT HERE YET??? I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT. By the time somebody actually reads this I will prolly have my new unicycle. UPDATE: I got my KH 20 inch trials, Its totally sweat.
      ALSO: Joey cohns “about me” page on his website, refers to my page as “not
having typos” well my freind, as you can see this a blatant misconseption.