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Animal Pages

Well, this is my poor attempt to entertain with actual useful content. But I failed. Weee animals!

The wandering albatross
A wingspan of over 10 feet!
Blue footed BooBy page
Its called a BOOBY! hahahahaha
The Thick Tailed Galago!  ga-la-go
ga-la-go, catchy, ain't it?

Coming SOON: TiT mouse (hee hee)

Whats up with that joke "why did the chicken cross the road?"?? I mean comon, why must these people torment the chicken by constantly demanding to know the reason of his crossing. Chickens should be able to cross roads unquestioned, and secondly why do people want to know why he crossed the road? If this so called chicken crosses this so called road, and does get to the other side, will it have thrown the world off course? WILL THE SUN GO INTO ETERNAL ECLIPSE?? FURTHER MORE- when the joke is told- "why did the chicken cross the road?" and then the answer "to get to the other side"... NOW IS THIS MEANT TO BE FUNNY?? AND IS IT MEANT TO MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL? once this chicken gets to the other side, and every buddy thinks he's clever, does he end his trip there? does he die there? what the hell. once he gets to the other side his pilgrimage is complete, he has served his purpose, HIS LIFE NO LONGER HAS ANY MEANING. GGGAAAA!!!! gosh, why did the chicken cross the road?
^not funny^