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  • Blue Footed Boobys  live from peru to mexico, also in the gulf of California.
  • Blue Footed Boobys have a 5 to 6 foot wing span.
  • Blue Footed Boobys are approximately 26 inches in length, from beak to tail.
  • Blue Footed Boobys take 2 to 3 years to reach full adult plumage.
  • Blue Footed Boobys dive from the sky to kill there food, mainly fish and squid

hee hee I really like saying Blue Footed Boobys. Blue Footed Boobys Blue Footed Boobys Blue Footed Boobys Blue Footed Boobys!

The Blue Footed Booby have a white-ish grey streaked head, with brownish dark stripe-like places, and white patches on the back of its neck and ....RUMP! It has white underpants- underpart. (hehehe) Blue Footed Boobys have large dark silver pointed beaks. And of course, being the Blue Footed Booby it has, well, BLUE FEET!
The magestic Booby fishing technique
The blue-footed booby fishes near the coast.
Groups of a couple hundred birds have been seen hunting schools of small fish.
The couple build their nest on the coast during the cold season (May to December). They produce two eggs which hatch after 45 days of being sat upon. The two Baby Blue Footed Boobys can be raised together if they have enough food. The male, who is the better swimmer, takes care of  bringing home the food, while the fatter female stays in the nest to protect the Baby Blue Footed Boobys from the sun and Baby Blue Footed Boobys eaters.The Baby Blue Footed Boobys, once fully grown, learn to fly and fish with their parents, becoming  independent after two months or so. (takes me 18 years...arg grrr) This booby got nocked up

      The blue-footed BOOBY is the most common of the three species of BOOBY. Their mating ritual is highly
      organized and really funny. see photos. The male stamps his  BLUE feat slowly then pointing his beak toward the sky he
      spreads his wings and whistles. Meanwhile, the female buries her beak in her plumage!

Latin name : Sula nebouxi
YOU: gee wiz dan, how did the blue footed booby get its name?

ME: good question, the Blue Footed Booby got its name from sailors calling it stupid in spanish. bobo means
"stupid fellow" in spanish!

                              Population : 10000 couples
         they meet each other                            hot beak raising skill                                   STAMPING
              they meet each other......               the male shows of his hot beak raising skill      LET THE STAMPING BEGIN!
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