The Thick Tailed Galago


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The Thick tailed Galago, also known as a bushbaby, lives in East Africa, from lower Sudan to Eastern South Africa. The Thick tailed Galago's Latin name is Otolemur crassicaudatus. It is the largest of the Galagos. Its head and body together range from 297 to 373 mm, about 11 to 15 inches. Its tail Length ranges from 415 mm to 473 mm, about 15-17 inches. So all together its 28 inches long on average. Male Thick tailed Galagos are a lot bigger then female ones


Their Fur is silvery brown or gray, with a tummy that is usually a lighter color. The fur is dense and wooly and long, kinda like a mammoth. The thick tailed Galago can move each of its ears independently. (A skill I wish I had) Their eyes are huge and funny looking, it makes you want to hug them until they explode. The Galago family all have little flat circles of skin at the ends of their fingers and toes that are good for climbing and jumping and generally being a Galago. hahahahahahaha i want to shmush it!


Thick tailed Galagos are mostly gumivorous and frugivorous, meaning they eat Gum and fruit. (In other words I dont know what Im talking about) They also eat insects, mainly Large termites. (mm-mm)

The thick tailed Galago usually has 2 babies each season, but somtimes 3 babies are had. Female Galagos reach sexual maturity after two years. When the baby Galago is born the mother will leave it in a tree (poor mans day-care) while they find food.

galago has big funny eyes

Thick tailed galagos are noctunal, They live in the forest and in great places there population can reach up to 125 Galagos per square Kilometer. They are keen and fast, they can jump up to 6 feet, Galagos are very agile. The galagos walk on all four feet most of the time, unless they are disturbed. They sleep in nests that can be 15 to 36 feet off the ground. Galagos live in groups of 2-6 galagos. They communicate using loud clicking noises. They urine wash. Urine washing is when they cover there hands and feet in there own piss, so that where ever the go, it leaves there scent.

I do that also.

this is what a galago looks like after a firestorm



To the tune of the lulaby "go to sleep, go to sleep"



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Galago is real funny.

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