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By definition, a prune is a dried plum.  All prunes were once plums, but not all plums are becoming prunes.Three prunes

Prunes are origanlly from France,
The first prunes brought to the United States from France by Louis Pellier, who started a nursery in California
in the 1850s. Now almost 70% of the world's prune supply, and almost 100% of prunes in the US, come from California.

The Prunes primal habitat is either in a sealed plastic bag or a box. see figures A. and B.
figure a                          figure b
                   figure A.                                                                         figure B.

Another form of prunes is Prune juice. mm-mm good, it helps with constapation. (hee hee hee)

Prune quotes:

Ben- "dude, there like shrivled plums.  thats pretty interesting, if you ask me"
Dan- "shriveld grapes are raisns"
Ben- "yeah, and rasins are pretty interesting also"

Phil- "they look kinda like dried up turd"

Gene-"i don't really like them but i'll eat them anyway"

Jacob-"They're sort of prunish"

Dan: whats your view on prunes?
Justin: well, actually, the funny thing about prunes is that they were recently renamed to what fruit are they originally?
Dan: plums
Justin: well they are called "dried plums" now
Justin: there is no such thing as a prune
Dan: really?
Justin: yes
Justin: because
Justin: they were seen as an old persons fruit
Justin: like for old people
Justin: they were trying to make a new image
Dan: i see
Justin: so i kinda like them more now


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