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Here at MightyRoar industries, we understand that many people around the world feel sad, depressed, lonely and sad. Most of these feelings are probably generated from one thing: not being a lion. For some, its a physical impossibility, for others, it would be to emotionally taxing every time they looked in the mirror. We collected three very honest, very supportive, very kind lions, and we fed them to three very large, very scary and very ferocious lions. So please, if you are feeling confused, sad, or just plain lonely, drop one of these lions a line.

Here is Lion number one.
His intrests include, Eating Humans, Being scary, and golf. Note: all these pictures where taken when we told them about this program.
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This is Lion number Two, he likes Gorging on human flesh and Roaring.
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This is lion Number Three, He likes Eating everthing, scaring people, and golf.
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Email a lion

Dear Lion number one,
I lost my job today and my brother got lost today at the zoo, they havent found him yet. Altogether I think I am on the virge of a nervous breakdown, please, any advise you have.
Losing it,

Dear Losing it,
Losing your job is hard, it always makes the day tough, but on that same day your brother gets eaten by a lion, woowee, sucks to be you. well, if you are feeling like you dont want to live anymore, Im always hungry.
Lion Number one.

Dear lion number one,
I never said anything about my brother getting eaten by a lion, he just got lost at the zoo. Stop being silly.
losing it

Dear losing it,
uh... being silly.... yess....
Lion number one.

  Dear Lion Number Two,
My boyfriend, who I have been with for 3 years now wants to get married, but I am not ready for this type of commitment, But I dont want to break up with him. What do I do?

Dear Girl,
Lion Number Two

  Dear Lion Number three,
I am a young female lion who also enjoys, eating, scaring people, and golf. Maybe we should hook-up sometime, you can help me with my golf swing ;)

Dear Young female lion,
I can dig it.

lion number three

p.s. Dont hate the player, hate the game.