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(for those of you who may be bored and on the internet.) (bored, that is, until you found
I swear, if I was more productive, I would have done this first. Hi-larius.
This guy really really knows whats up.
Become smart, go here.
Holy crap, best sport ever.
Oh man, I love craigslist. It is Essential for life in general.
hunt the wumpus.
the wumpus and me go way back, my first internet memory is of brave wumpus hunts. I blame this website on the wumpus.
The best dancer ever
Tunak tunak tun!
Great beatles website, Mad props to steve for making this for us all.
Mega good juggler, also wicked funny. check out the movie trailers.
My school, where children are free.
Adults are $2.50
I met Nodoz on the street and he gave me a free CD, hella-wicked, check it out.
My other less popular website.
Hella awesome site from my friend Jess in Callifornia.
I want this for my birthday. or now. I want it now. I will trade my soul.
Holy F'n crap. this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. these guys are real ninjas.
Ringo is the best rock star ever. peace and love.

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