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___Mountain Lion has been hailed as the most influential product this year. "Before I tasted Mountain Lion soda, I never thought that you could really capture the essence of Lion, but now, I'm a believer!" Says soda connoisseur Marsha Greem. Watch out though, some cans may contain a Prize patch!! If you get a Prize Patch, You can mail it to MightyRoar Industries, and in return, you get a FREE LION! Your very own Free Lion!
___The scientists at MightyRoar industries bring you: Twelve ounces of the scariest soda around, MountainLion!, pop a can of Mountain- Lion soda, and Taste the Lion! Delicious! Feel the roar!
WARNING! Some cans may contain a Lion. If you find a real live Lion in your can of soda, Please do not try and sue us, because lions hate that, and you don't want to make a lion mad.

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News: The Lion Awards
This years winner of the first annual Lion Awards is "Scar" from the lion king, He was given high praise because he is scary. The loser is, who but, The Cowardly Lion. He gets the award for Least Scary/Most Cowardly, and with a name like "The Cowardly Lion" he had no contest with this one.

We sat down with Scar after the awards and asked him how it was to be given such an honor, he then ate the camera man whole. "See, right there is why he won!" said James Luopon, the director of the ceremony, so Scar bit his head off.
We Tried to talk to The Cowardly Lion, but he ran away. He's a coward.

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