Liony stuff
food lion I have never been to a food lion, but I have heard that it is nothing but a TRAP
The name makes you think that its the perfect place for you to buy or be food for a lion, but really it just brings you in, and then distracts you with lots of pretty food.
Food lion
I first discovered lions Bars on my trip to the deserts of Scotland back in the early 90's. I found it on the foods of the world candy shelf in stop and shop, it was truly a glorious moment in Lion history. I grabbed the entire box of Lion bars and clutched them tightly, to make sure that nobody else got them. The price was like a $1.09 per bar, and so I only got one. It was not very tasty. Its sorta like a Kit-Kat with a snickers rapped around it.

Lion bar

Theres a funny picture on the back of the wrapper of a little lion throwing the wrapper into the garbage, it means don't litter.
lion bar
proud lion

Well I was low on Ideas for Lion related stuff, then I thunk to myself, "Whats more liony then a lion?" So here is a lion. Some lion facts:

  • Lions are really scary
  • Lion can eat a entire tiger in one bite
  • Lions are the king of the jungle
  • If you meet a lion, you will crap yourself.
  • If a lion is mad, he will eat you.
  • If a lion is hungry, he will eat you.
  • If a lion doesn't like you and you owe him money, he will take the money, and eat yo
Stupid chia lion I must say, this is a sad excuse for a lion. First of all, it looks more like a kitty cat then a real lion. But its called the "chia lion" . I have some words for the Chia pet company, ahem, Ch-ch-ch-SUCK. I also have some ideas for a new design: New Chia lion
My new design
I know what the lion is really there for, its to protect the trade mark. That lion looks pretty satisfied, I bet he just ate Mr. Metro, Mr. Goldwyn and Mr. Mayer. Those idiots, what did they expect, having a lion around...

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