Dan Lucal
42 tappen st.
Brookline MA,

Dear Youtube,

Today I discovered my YouTube account has been disabled.  I am certain this is because I violated the user terms and agreements, and I am certain you’re completely justified in disabling my account-- but I am hoping this letter will find its way through YouTube’s cold corporate shell and into its warm, forgiving, human heart.  
            I have held an account with YouTube for almost 6 years.  In the beginning, back when Youtube was a manageable size I even received a YouTube t-shirt in the mail for getting an honourable mention in your “Back to school” video contest. (Sept. 05) I think youtube is incredible, even though it has become hideously mainstream.
I have never abused my privileges as some do, uploading blatantly bootleg media for general viewing.  I have only uploaded my own work. My own random, goofy-ass work.  It’s true, I sometimes incorporate found sounds, pop music, found images, and recently I remixed a vacuum cleaner training video that I downloaded off YouTube.  Did Pro-Team Vacuums complain to you? Was I flagged?
I don’t get it.
I’m not a pirate. I just like to make movies, and I like putting my movies on YouTube.  I mean, they are all on my personal website (thedan.com) as well, but adding to the seething miasma of YouTube makes me walk with an easy swing, and a cool stare.  An unsleeping dream in the online super mind.
Please re-enable my account, my user name is TheDan.  Perhaps you could help me understand why my account was disabled to help me avoid having any problems in the future.
Thank you,
Dan Lucal

p.s. my Youtube T-shirt is worn out and it has a subtle yellow stain on the front. If you could send me a new one, size large, then we can be married. thanks infinity.