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Dan's Ambition's!

  1. Rock
  2. Be Wise
  3. Zorb
  4. Become a Ninja master, that moves mountains
  5. Not kill anybody
  6. solve a rubiks cube in LESS then thirty seconds. top time right now: 50 seconds.
  7. Build a nice bridge
  8. Be an alien for an entire day
  9. Make somebody believe Im an alien.
  10. Free myself from the prison that is our society, man
  11. have a dog named toaster.
  12. Make a better more entertaining ambitions list.
  13. Be able to speak 2 languages well.
  14. Karate chop a phonebook in half
  15. Go to Australia.
  16. Win
  17. Make some major fucking adjustments
  18. Get the pope to read the bible differently
  19. Buy the bank
  20. Grow a sweet mustache
  21. BATMAN
  22. Tickle a whale.
  23. make sweet outs with 30 babes at once
  24. Ride a elephant.
  25. Skydive
  26. give the ol hairy eyeball to somebody with a hairy eyeball.
  27. Cheese
  28. Cereal
  29. Ice tea
  30. Cookies
  31. Ice cream
  32. Chips
  33. shit, wrong list. my b.
  34. Have a stage name. like, Lan Ducal
  35. Add "Dangerously" to my name
  36. Remember eveyrthing
  37. Jump off some cool stuff
  38. hang out with Ringo
  39. see the day everybodys stops to watch the sunrise
  40. chill out and wait for the ice age.
  41. rescue the world from its evil human prison.
  42. make some sweet f'n vids
  43. Make some sweet f'n musics
  44. Win the Boston Marathon. I can run rally fast. prolly fastest ever.