Me Me Me Me Me

I watch alot of kung fu.

la la la, la la la, la- I AM AN EGGPLANT! la la la, la

(Me in the early years of

Your fearless leader

, a brief history.

____I started mainly because I was bored. I found out that I had a bunch of free web space, so I decided to use it. After a few months of building silly little web pages, I Bought the domain name, From there I decided it was an awesome web site that everybody in the world needs to see. Then I realized that it kinda sucked, so I made it better. then I made stickers. I have re-designed the page a bunch of times, and it turns out I have no patience for web design. I learned how to make a table, and I stuck with that. Anyway, I Decided that everything I do should have somehow connected. So I formed unicycle Team I also made Team T-shirts.
____I made a bunch of business cards, and more stickers, and I started promoting with public art, which the police like to call Vandalism and littering. but common, what do the police know? they commit more crime then they stop, and they get their orders from a bunch of filthy criminals up in the white house. used to be crap, and I said to myself, "what do people on the internet want to see?" and the answer I cleverly came up with was: "everything I do." So I just started doing shit and putting it on the internet, and since then at least one person has been like "cool." Turned out pretty well I suppose, I really like to make cool vids, and I'm pretty into making strange rap songs, and that got me into college. and if not for this sweet domain name that I felt obligated to do something with, well, I donno, I might have learned to play guitar or something.

I'd highly recommend instruments over the internet, incase you were thinking of one or the other, its much harder to woo the ladies with the internet. unless your me. but even then its shadowed by the intense geekyness of the internet.





DAN's Favorites
My favorite Movie: POOTIE TANG

My favorite FOOD: A sandwich

My Favortie Sandwich: SOMETHING AWESOME. (it really depends on what I have to work with.) (I've had many an amazing sandwich that cannot be respectably compared to one another.)

My Favorite Soda: Water.

My favorite Book: mad books yo, Just keep reading, it might save us

My favorite bumper-stickers:"Its not how you pick your nose, its where you put the boogers." and-
"if you don't like my driving, then get off the sidewalk". and- "A day without sunshine is like, night"

Favorite day: Wednesday, or Friday, sometimes Saturday, Thursdays are good too. But I always get the most done on Sundays.

Dan's Favorite Music

DANs least favorites

MY LEAST favorite Movie: north
MY LEAST favorite food: Im not a fan of beans. or bananas.

MY LEAST favorite Fast food store: goddamit they are all the same
MY LEAST favorite book: The only book I can remember not liking was "nothing but the truth" and thats cause the freeekin teachers made me read it in some grade. I wrote a report on it called "nothing but a bore." I got to spend alot of time outside of class that year.  

MY LEAST favorite band: All those winey soulless fucks. go listen to johnny cash, get some balls.

My least favorite song: Mary had a little lamb, nah just playin.