My Unicycles


Yo yo, This is my KH 20 inch trials unicycle. It is orange. it is mad phat. that is my cat, she is also, mad fat. (see how I did that? I made fun of my cats weight with words, and if you were reading this to a blind person they would have to sort it out and then they would think I was clever.) Since youve been blessed with sight.

This is my sisters 20" nonamecycle, her friend bought it for her for 5 dollers at a yard sale in maine. The saddle is mine, and is at my height. I can use it when I want to.


This is my Pashley Muni. It has a 2.6 inch Gazzalodi tire with a Sun Mammoth 26 x 2.0 double-walled alloy rim. The cranks are crappy Lascos, I am gonna upgrade to Kooka cranks very soon. The Pedals are Snafus, and they are awesome, Snafu doesnt make this model of pedal anymore. The last picture just shows the Tire clearence.


This is my 24" torker. I rode offroad with it for a while before I got the pashley. Now it has teeny tiny cranks so that I go very fast. THE STORY BEHIND THE SCREW: My unicycle had come in the mail from! hurray! After taking the unicycle parts out of the box I began to put it together. As I was tightening the last bolt of the main cap bearings, I heard a loud crack. So I thought to my self “oh god, its all over I broke my unicycle”. Then, upon closer inspection I realized I had just snapped the bolt. So I Cursed a hole bunch. Then I ran all the way to the hardware store and bought a slightly stronger bolt for 69 cents. The end


This is my 24" PROCYCLE! Or at least thats what the label says. It looks like it has a tin can for a hub. I bought this unicycle for 20$ from a rock star. So now your thinking "wow dan knows a rockstar, I didnt think he could be anymore awesome then he already is, but I guess now that he knows rocks stars hes even awesomer!"