Joey and Ben came to my house on Wednesday night because I live right near the bus station, and they don't. So we went out to Wal-greens and we tricked ben into using his dads credit card to buy a new CD player. We bought a whole bunch of candy, I got gummy bears and raspberry yummy things, and soda and candy bars.
And then we woke up at like 5:30AM, had some honey-nut-Cheerio s and left. We got to the bus station at 6:00am and picked up our tickets and put tags on our bags. (RHYME!) I went to dunkin doughnuts and got a chocolate doughnut and a bagel and cream cheese. We spent a butt-load of time on the bus.

Memorable Bus moments: We saw some deer, Eating my bagel, Eating gummy bears. Then we got the Albany station and Joey played a video game and we tried to find out what the funny cereal bowl shaped building was, they said it was a museum. I wanted it to be something Totally sweet, Like a hot-air-balloon building area.

A wile later we went through customs, and that went really smoothly, besides having to take my sixty pound bag filled with odd shaped unicycles on and off the bus. So we all thought we were really close, because there was a CN-tower type building in the distance, but as we found out later, it was a imposter.

SO then, after 14 hours of bus riding, we finally got to the Toronto Bus station, (around 9:30pm) and Jeff Groves was there to meet us, and so was his mom. So we crammed into the car with our ridiculously huge bags and went to Jeff's house. When we arrived at Jeff's house we were all wicked hungry, so we ordered two large pizza's... Little did we know that the pizza would revolutionize the way I think about pizza boxes. After like, 10 hours, the pizza came and I almost kicked Ben in the face.

The pizza was in a DOUBLE BOX!



The two pizzas sat side by side in the rectangular box. It was awesome pizza, made even more awesome by the totally awesome box. So then we put our unicycles together and hung them in Jeff's room, he has some cool hooks.


After getting some sleep we woke up at about 10:45am on Friday morning and decided to go to School with Jeff and hang out and ride around his school until he was done.

Then at 12:30 WE PLAYED DODGE BALL!!!!!! Man that was so much fun.

After dodge-ball we went outside and discussed how awesome Dodge ball was. When Jeff was done being at School we rode over to the exhibition center where the Bike show was.
When we got there Carl Hoyer the organizer gave us our back-stage-competitor-pass thingies, and we walked in.
Then we rode on the stuff they had already built and talked about unicycling and how awesome unicycling is. I met a whole bunch of people I hadn't met, but Ben or Joey had already met them, and that was pretty sweet. Then I had some Pizza Pizza. Man, I wish we had Pizza Pizza in boston. Pizza Pizza is delicious Fast-food Pizza. Oooo also, Darren Bedford had a cooler set up filled with soda, and I drank lots.
Then I competed in the long jump, I got 122cm, I placed first in the beginner category.
So we unicycled a hole bunch more, Set up some lines, and hung out with Kris Holm. Me, having a KH unicycle, got to point out everything I thought was wrong with it. And that would have been more fun, but there's hardly anything wrong with the Kris Holm 20" trials unicycle, now available at!

Me unicycling outside jeff's school

_____So after that, everybody went to Jeff's house for Dinner and Cake. After most people had left, Me and Joey, Nick Hoover and Jeff and Jeff's older brother went to Tim Horton's for doughnuts and Pastries. Ben stayed home to shower, But he missed some awesome doughnuts. When I rode up to Jeff's house I found that I had a flat tired, so I cursed a few times and decided I could get a spare tube pretty easily from Darren Bedford, Of Bedford unicycles.


_____On Saturday, I got there and bought a tube from Darren Bedford, of Bedford unicycles. Then he let me use his tools and so the whole flat tire incident went over very smoothly. Except that it took me and this other unicyclist like 15 minutes to get the fat Monty tire off the rim.
_____Then Kris Holm held a trials workshop, he taught us his secret technique and told us that if we told anybody, he would send his unicycling ninjas to chop our heads off.
_____ Then Kris Holm held a trials workshop and he gave lots of good tips, it was awesome. Kris was there with the Norco team, so every couple of hours he had to go do a Norco show. And During the show they gave out free Mars Bars Candy.

_____After the workshop we went over to the UMX dirt course, having already signed release forms for the nice people. When we to the UMX course, we all had to sign another paper.
"Well, I guess thats not unreasonable, although I already signed a paper just like this" I thought to myself.
_____ Then everybody took 1 run on the course. Then we had to sign another form, it looked just like the first and second form, but I just went ahead and signed it cause I wanted to ride more. Then me and everybody else proceeded to sign 8 or 9 more of the same set of papers. It was wicked stupid. After everybody signed the papers, we all talked about how stupid it was that we had to sign so many damn papers. Personally, I complained a lot while signing the papers.

The course was totally ride-able. And It was Wicked fun to ride, there was a huge starting ramp kinda thing, and a gate that flipped down to start the race. The course was made up of a series of lumps and bumps that were meant to be jumps. (RHYME!)
Then we started the Sport Class Racing, I placed second in my first race, and FIRST in my second race. (Boo yah) I was really happy I won the race. You could say I was really happy aboot it, eh? I HAVE DONE SO WELL WITH NOT MAKING FUN OF CANADIANS- I CAN DO IT A LITTLE.
So after I WON, I was psyched out for racing in the finals on Sunday. Both Ben and Joey moved on to the finals also.

I forget what happened after that, but it was wicked fun, and I prolly had some pizza. For dinner Everybody went out to the "Swiss Chalet" and that was kinda gross, but it was fun. The french Fries were good. And the Soda was a good year. So then we went to Jeff's and did some talking about geography, and we Had to convince Jeff that there were ONLY 50 states.


_____We got up and left at like 9:30am, it was wicked early. We got there and Carl was there so we started to set up the Trials lines. That was fun, and I really wanted to start, But we had to do a show for the public, and teach people how to ride, witch we had be doing the whole weekend. So then Kris came and he Gave Point values for all the Trials lines, and so we started. I did pretty well for myself, I got Third out of 6 in the sport class. Kris and Ryan and Ben and Joey all tied in the expert trials competition. They all did all the lines....How to settle this four way tie? A still-stand-off!!! Kris won with 1:33 seconds, and Ben came in second, Ryan third, Joey fourth.

click me THEN Joey made an incredible discovery, TINY TOMS DOUGHNUTS!!! OH GOD, THEY ARE SO GOOD, I ate 2 dozen, and then I remembered I still had to do my UMX race, and I felt kinda full, but wicked jittery, cause there's and audience for the UMX course and stuff. So I got on top of the cool drop in hill, and they dropped the gate. I didn't do very well, I got third. But it was so fun, Ben won his race with Joey in second. click me harder

Then I chilled out and had some pizza pizza, and some soda. They were holding a high jump competition and I decided to join in, I ended up getting third, witch is fairly sweat, considering I have never high jumped before. Ryan beat Kris in the high jump competition, that was pretty surprising, but Ryan is really good.

The bus ride home was pretty boring, we stopped at a all-night McDonalds, I didn't get anything, but I kick-boxed Joey. When we got back to boston, Joeys mom took us out to breakfast, and when we got to the diner, the power was out! I was so scared I wasn't going to have anything electric, so I made I wish for the power to come back on, and it did. So I had chocolate chip pancakes, then later that day, I went out for breakfast again, And I had more chocolate chip pancakes.


The moral of this story is, You can never eat to many breakfasts.